The Basque Country

A favorite of mine. Euskal Herria covers a region from Biarritz to Bilbao and Tudela.

Pamplona without the leaves

pwl01.jpg  The day previously: airports, some trains and other public transportation...
Mar 01, 2020

A festival and change of plans

fcj1.jpg  I discovered this year in Pamplona that there are Street...
Oct 03, 2019

3 hours in Artajona

atj01.jpg  The nights are getting quite cool now in Pamplona, so...
Sep 01, 2019


dur1.jpg  The sheriff of Durango caught the outlaws and slung them...
Aug 15, 2019

Buses and a concrete artist

p192.jpg  I find it interesting how pricing changes for flights. The...
Jul 20, 2019

Seven and then

sat0.jpg  Going from a to b in London, at any time,...
Jul 05, 2018

Faces of the San Fermin

fsm07.jpg  One of the things about large festivals, is the number...
May 04, 2018

Walking Pamplona's City Walls

wtw01.jpg  Fortress cities abound in Europe. Sitting in a valley plain...
May 01, 2017

5 Tips for Surviving the San Fermin

sf51.jpg  Wild, exciting, tiring, mayhem, messy, expensive and very, very crowded....
Mar 01, 2017

The Walls of Pamplona

ppw0.jpg  If you visit Pamplona, there are a few things that...
Nov 01, 2016

Bolivian Festival of the Virgin Urkupina

urk1.jpg  There are a lot of Bolivians in Pamplona. They bring...
Oct 01, 2016

Cold beer, silence and a water snake

bri1.jpg  The temperature was in the mid ninties, it was humid,...
Aug 07, 2016

Olite in the afternoon

oli0.jpg  The apartment, where room I rented in Pamplona, was on...
Jul 24, 2016

Oronoz-Mugaire to Legasa by foot

oml00.jpg  Looking at the map, the two towns appeared close enough...
Jul 04, 2016

Narrow streets and ancient churches

est1.jpg  The morning was still cool as I boarded a bus...
Oct 01, 2015

Two hours in Beasain

bsn1.jpg  Looking at the map I figured the bus journey would...
Sep 01, 2015

San Martin in the mountains

sma1.jpg  The bus had stopped right across the road from the...
Aug 17, 2015

Sunday afternoon stroll

sdy1.jpg  If you happen to visit Pamplona, you will find that...
Aug 02, 2015

San Fermin 2015 - Part II

ssf19.jpg  One of the main aspects of the San Fermin is...
Jul 12, 2015

San Fermin 2015 - Part I

psf0.jpg  They stand, waving the red scarves, waiting, waiting. A man...
Jul 11, 2015

The artist and the shopkeeper

ask1.jpg  I sat having a beer with two friends at a...
Jul 02, 2015

Pamplona's Old Town Festival

pof1.jpg  Once a year, the old part of Pamplona has a...
Jun 10, 2015

Back to Basque

nxt1.jpg  I stood with my hands on the rail looking out...
Apr 18, 2015

A short stay in Pamplona

pmp0.jpg  I had spent the summer doing a lot of hiking...
Sep 15, 2013

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