Italy is a place of differences, from the Alps down to Sicily and a wide range of places to visit.


fie1.jpg  This little town, almost a village, is just...
Apr 27, 2016

Afternoon in Siena

sie1.jpg  It is very easy to reach Siena from...
Apr 26, 2016

Bagno A Ripoli

bgo1.jpg  It was winter, cold, wet and Florence full...
Apr 07, 2016

Cerreto Guidi

cgu2.jpg  Maybe it was the rain, then again it...
Mar 28, 2016

Italy, a different perspective

flo0.jpg  Flying from London City Airport is nice. It's...
Mar 11, 2016

Hi, my name is Ted. I'm a Manx/American who likes to get out as much as I can to various places.