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A winnowing in the offing

Last summer in the Basque Country saw me only visit two towns, one of which was worthwhile. The rest of the time I got to know more people and keep up with the ones I previously knew. It was enjoyable in a different way than before and now things are going to be approached from another angle.
Three years back I thought, maybe it's time for a change, but wasn't sure what. Well that time has arrived. My two trips to the Middle East happened in Israel and a short time waiting for a bus in Bilbao, with all kinds of tourists, a year back slammed it home to me. The photo above shows winnowing, separating the chaff from the wheat. It's time to do something like that.

On the road and off are two different things

To that end I will be bifurcating what and how I do stuff. Simian Circles will be my only blog. A few categories are going to be dropped entirely or moved. Some posts are going to be wiped, because no one ever visits them and they are just taking up space on the server. To that end I've set up something for any posts that are gone to take visitors to my homepage.

Like winnowing, this is going to take time. The first thing to happen will be the removal of some categories and their posts from here in the near future. Bit by bit Footfalls will emerge in its own right.

The one thing which will be a major change is my frequency of travel articles. I would rather spend time with people and just enjoying the place, rather than rushing about always photographing and writing up somewhere. There will still be the journeys taking place: some shorter, some longer. There is one in the wings, which will take a while before completion, a bit like when I did a post about the seasons, it took 7 months.

. . . . . . .

Now, I just pick up the wheat...

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