Coot chick needs food

I was walking along, hoping for something other than the usual landscape. It became quite dull and boredom needs relief. Step after uninteresting step was leading to nothing. Occassionally a rough trail might give some respite, yet if you look up it's the same old thing. Some time later a lake came into view.

As I approached the water, some Coots were seen. Normally I don't pay much attention to them—you've seen one Coot, you've seen them all. A few hundred feet away though, by it's little old lonesome, was a chick having the time of it's life paddling around for all it was worth. My bridge camera came out and I waited, thinking: there's a story here.
Where's Ma? I'm hungry.

Ma—wait for me!

I need some food. You know—the stuff you put in my beak

Oh goodie-goodie, but I wish she wouldn't do that in front of a photographer.

That was good. Nothing like a bit of fresh lake weed.
Where's everyone else?


The chances of getting a sequence like this are probably a zillion to one and it gave me something different instead of the typical ho-hum Spring post.

The Coot is a common bird which can be seen just about anywhere there is water.
Jun 01, 2017

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hi Ted it's Alison from earlier today you said to message you
Jul 13, 2017 at 2034

Hi, I'm Ted Hawkins, I like to get out as much as possible to various places. more...

Some countries in some years.
Numbers don't impress me.
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