Kazam Trooper X3.5

Thought I'd resurrect this blog. I reckoned it might as well be topical for me and the most recent thing is a smartphone that I just bought. It's called the Kazam Trooper and is their X3.5 model.

These things are appalling. At least I got it as a store was going broke and they sold it for just over cost.

I tried to delete an image and it took 10 minutes of touching, clearing and restarting before it was gone. The touch screen is awful. Had I known the company is UK based, I wouldn't have even considered buying it.

The Samsung?
Repaired that for under 15 UKP. Somewhere along the line after smashing the Mini, the battery got thrown out so a screen and battery had to be purchased. Easy enough to fix, but the supposed "new" screen was used and has some dead pixels down in the bottom right hand corner - no worries though. It works good - total opposite of the Kazam (maybe they should try publishing comic books instead of making smartphones).
Sep 19, 2014

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