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Easy to install and run blog software. MissiveForge takes up very little space on your domain's web server. Ideal for web hosts that offer only small amounts of disk space. It is written for the average person, not for geeks, so you should have no trouble maintaining your blog.

Programmed in Perl for speed and safety, MissiveForge is small yet packed with features. The base install is less than 155k and takes only a few minutes before you can post your first blog entry.


  • Very easy to install, you can be up and running quickly. You do not have to be a geek to do this, just follow instructions and click the button.
  • Option during install to protect the Admin folder.
  • You can post immediately after the installation.
  • Single or two column options.
  • A variety of ways to display the homepage. Easily control how much teaser text to show and how many recent posts.
  • Option for custom homepage (if you know what you're doing). CSS configured, number of different ways to display. Some extra styles in download.
  • Add, edit and delete blog entries and drafts. Everything begins with a draft.
  • Single click image insertion can be used, while you type, as well as the default editor one.
  • Single click publish from draft manager.
  • Ready to publish notation in draft manager.
  • Default color theme is not white, but red and grey. Extra color themes provided with download.
  • The usual comments, which can be managed easily. Options for none or turned off for individual entries.
  • Search blog entries.
  • Categories - as many as you want.
  • Archives.
  • Option for Followers.
  • Not a lot of settings.
  • Easy to back up your data (built in) and store on your server and computer.
  • Facility to have a few site pages (such as an about page).
  • Site pages can be created, edited and deleted from manager.
  • RSS Feed (automatically updated with each entry and edit).
  • Easy upload of images (up to 5 at once).
  • Option to upload and store zipped folders if needed (good for travel bloggers to keep their future posts safe).
  • Easy deletion of images and stored zipped folders if needed.
  • Two additional text editors, one for some of the blog related files and a personal one for your own private files while traveling.
  • Up to the minute, automatic, HTML Site Map.
  • HTML Markdown editor, with 3 size options: Full, small or plain text only.
  • Optional Smilies - in settings.
  • Real time XML Sitemap.
  • Plus more...

Requirements: Apache Web Server with Perl, CGI, Server side includes and htaccess enabled.

Your blog is run from a bespoke, embedded, database (you don't have to do a thing, just blog) - instead of over bloated MYSQL. As a result it will not take up huge amounts of space on your server.

There is no programming code function because the package is not intended for programmers or geeks, just the average blogger.

Get it
MissiveForge comes with full instructions (you don't have to go to another site or forum for that) - everything is "in-house".

About the name
You do not visit a 200 acre industrial complex, just for one horseshoe. You drop around to the local blacksmith, who will make one on his forge. A missive is a single, written letter.

I have used MissiveForge for a number of years, on four blogs. My main blog, even with future posts and their images is under 25mb (July 2017). I've never had any trouble with it. For over 5 months in 2016, I ran it from an Android tablet and Samsung smartphone, could see stuff okay and post entries - Ted
Jul 09, 2017

Hi, my name is Ted. I like to get out as much as I can to various places.

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