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Pamplona's Old Town Festival

Once a year, the old part of Pamplona has a kind of festival. People come from all over the Basque Country to take part at the end of May, on a Saturday afternoon.

There's singing, dancers, an occasional parade and various artisans selling their creations.

The narrow streets and some small squares get very crowded.

In the foreground are Ana Garcia Diez's photographic works.

This lady knitted everything you see here. She was doing another one as I took the photo.

I was tempted to buy the black and grey bag hanging up behind the stall holder. Pull the bag string, they close up.

I found it to be a bit like the Haslemere Charter Fair in England which draws people from all over every 2 years.

From what I gather this goes on nearly all summer or until the end of the San Fermin Festival (more about that in July). There was even a Heavy Metal group playing in one small square the following Saturday.

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