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The Doors and Portals

We look out a window, often to see what's there. Sometimes imagination comes into play and we wonder what lays beyond our street or view, to reach and enter or leave. As the New Year of 2018 begins, the past remains in history. We will walk forward through doors and portals into places, not always sure what we are going to find once we are in.
As I travel, these entrances increase. Some of them have existed for a very long time, others not so. Some years ago I spent the night in a small, private Pension in Paris. The lady had two rooms she would rent out for a night. The way in was by two doors, together they were about four feet across, you had to open both of them to go through.
Some time back, an arched way lead me to a section of an old building. There was another route, but I think the archway was better, it had a kind of personality of its own.

More often than not, as I walk around various towns, I look up at the buildings, taking note of how they appear and am amazed at the variety. Patterned bricks or stones framing a window and sometimes just a corner of some house or the like. Not everywhere has nice architecture, especially some of the modifications made in the last 25 years to cityscapes. Some of it is terrible and does not work with its surroundings.

Here are some of the doors and portals I have walked through or seen—no particular order and there are more images than usual for this post.

Not all are man made, this one leads to a green on a golf course.
Lastly, a reminder of an ancient time. Holding a mystery as to how you enter, the wall bricks are nowhere near as old.

So many times we walk through doors and take little notice,
yet where would we be without those portals.

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It's something we never give much thought to but imagine if we had a photo of every portal we had ever entered? They'd be some pretty interesting ones in there for sure (as you have above)
Jan 29, 2018 at 0923