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Water and bloom

Spring has officially arrived and it looks like we are, finally, about to have some good weather. Waterlogged ground, floods and other little nasties have been hitting us since the end of September last year. That's almost 6 months of wet and miserable with maybe a few days of sun, plus, yet another Chinese Virus. Normally I wait until late April or May to write up my Spring post, but decided to do it differently this year.
A classic example of the water, normally the area around this tree is dry.

There are some flowers out, but seeing the trees while out for my exercise, the thought occurred, why not just photograph these. There is a saying here, "n'er cast a clowt 'til May be out", in other words, don't take your coat off until the Mayflower has bloomed, so I didn't because these are not May trees. Besides, it may have been about 60, but the wind definitely wasn't.
I think these are all the same kind of tree, just different ages. I dunno, they're just trees with flowers to me. I've been told these are Blackthorn trees.
It's March the 21st and the sun is shining, wind cold but drying things out. Baby leaves are beginning to appear on some of the trees. With all the doom merchants spouting forth the possible misery of Sars 2 (Covid-19), the blooms and leaf buds offer some hope amidst the gloom.
But not a lot.

There is one side of things that affects myself and other travel bloggers. We've been torn off the tree and no leaf buds will appear, like the twig on the path above. We're grounded for months so just have to grin and bear it.

. . . . . . .

Wonder what's next?

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