Residing in the UK means I get out a lot when here, mainly just to keep in shape. Journeys here must have good public transport there and back, plus not break the bank (easy to do in this country).

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worth it for you, otherwise, don't waste your time.

Haslemere Charter Fair

hcf1.jpg  Every two years, the town of Haslemere, England,...
Mar 01, 2016

Through a tunnel greenly

alo1.jpg  Swathes of ivy and other growth lay ahead....
Dec 01, 2015

Freedom to walk your path

mrt1.jpg  I can go out at any time of...
Feb 01, 2015

Not among the living

nal1.jpg  Graveyards are something we cannot escape. They range...
Oct 02, 2014

Hi, my name is Ted. I'm a Manx/American who likes to get out as much as I can to various places.