Hi, I'm Ted Hawkins, since 2011, I've liked to get out as much as possible to various places. I'm a retired graphic designer and web developer who took up travel writing to prevent me from going stir crazy.

What I like to do
  • Walk trails when possible. twf-1.jpg
  • Go to smaller towns and cities.
  • Spend time in a place and get to know people.
  • Experience the unusual, but not for the sake of things like eating live squid etc.
  • Visit old places that reek of history, but not necessarily touristy.
  • Avoid tourist traps.

Things I won't do
  • Get drunk. I rarely finish off one bottle of beer (usually get bored about halfway through).
  • Visit huge cities unless I have to go through them to somewhere smaller.
  • Travel on the seriously cheap and nasty airlines.
  • Get involved with social media.
  • I have no desire to go to Asia.

Basically I'm artistic and as a result can go off in strangely mutated directions, at the mention of certain words. I'll surface about three weeks later wondering, "how on earth did I get here?" Which can prove interesting on occasion.

The Adventure bit
The girl said she was going bungee jumping for an adventure. I replied that bungee jumping is not an adventure. That begins when the bungee cord breaks!

Just what is adventure? Here are some definitions:
  • A situation in which harm, death, damage, or destruction is possible.
  • An undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks.
  • Potentially hazardous action.
  • Dangerous undertaking.
  • A serious or dangerous situation that you must deal with immediately in order to prevent something bad from happening.

There is nothing good or fun about an adventure. Yes I do have some. No, I don't look for them.

How it works
Any place I visit must have, excellent public transportation there and back or I will not give it a second thought.

If somewhere is good, I'll say so. If not, I'll trash it, so you won't waste your time on the place. It's no good saying a town is "wonderful" when it is not, just to get traffic to your blog.

Stuck in London


Kaplan Hotel, Jerusalem
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