Photography etc.

Anything to do with photography and electrical type stuff.

Photography and tablets

pat.jpg  Seeing as I am stuck using a tablet over the...
Dec 01, 2019

Decisions, decisions

dcd1.jpg  I guess there comes that time when I have to...
May 17, 2019

Considering those cameras

cam1.jpg  Back in November 2015 I posted about trimming down all...
Jul 03, 2017

Galaxy S2 and trip assessment

ss2.jpg  I finally took the plunge and bought me a new...
Sep 10, 2015

Camera Smartphone Comparison

cc10.jpg  The third and last post which has come about as...
Mar 08, 2015

Smartphones and those megapixels

mgp.jpg  After avoiding using a smartphone for photos, I am taking...
Mar 01, 2015

iPhone thoughts

i4s.jpg  I decided to buy an iPhone 4s from a friend...
Feb 23, 2015

An outstanding buy

pwd1.jpg  Traveling around to various places does present a few problems...
Dec 01, 2014

Lightweight tripod

tpod.jpg  I have a bridge camera which is great in regards...
Sep 20, 2014