dev.MacGyver Photo Editor

Tutorials for dev.macgyver Photo Editor, an Android image editor and more. Occasionally I process some images with this. For the articles, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - 8 inch tablet running Android 5.1.1 was used.

Some instructions may have changed and new ones added, since Sept 2017, due to updates by dev.macgyver.

The series begins at:
MacGyver Photo Editor Review

MacGyver Photo Editor wrap up

mgwu.jpg  After writing several posts about MacGyver Photo Editor, it's time...
Oct 27, 2017

MacGyver Drawing Tool

mgdr.jpg  The Drawing function MacGyver isn't too bad, but is a...
Oct 27, 2017

MacGyver using the pixel tool

mgpx.jpg  Retouching a photo is sometimes necessary. Primarily to get rid...
Oct 27, 2017

Macgyver presets

mgup.jpg  Getting used to an App takes time. Photo Editor is...
Oct 27, 2017

MacGyver Batch Process

mgbp00.jpg  Preparing an image in MacGyver Photo Editor is an ongoing...
Oct 27, 2017

MacGyver black and white photo

mgbaw.jpg  There is the time you don't want a color photograph....
Oct 27, 2017

MacGyver Curves

mgcu.jpg  Using Curves in MacGyver Photo Editor gives you one of...
Oct 27, 2017

MacGyver main menu

mgmm.jpg  Once you pick an image to edit in MacGyver Photo...
Oct 27, 2017

MacGyver home screen

mghs.jpg  Starting a program on a computer or App on a...
Oct 22, 2017

MacGyver Photo Editor Review

mgv.jpg  When I first decided to do an exercise using an...
Sep 14, 2017

MacGyver retouch

mgr-one.jpg  Smartphone camera images were something I avoided for some time...
Sep 14, 2017

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