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Carob cookies

I was bored, sitting around waiting for an op to be scheduled. Something had to be done, so I decided to...

Temporary refocus

He sat on the top step, his battered old hat slightly down over his eyes and a bit cockeyed as though...

A strange dangling thing

There are times when history can catch up with you. It wasn't planned that way and other circumstances seemed to point...

Periwinkles and butterflies

The thought of doing a Spring post the days just before the season hit seemed like a good idea, then the...

Not the usual sort of thing

We go places and take photographs of the regular type of stuff, but not everything is in that category. Occasionally something...

Finally a lightweight laptop

I began writing up my travel experiences over ten years ago. There were not all that many bloggers around doing such...

Some asides

This is just a few little things that I'm doing during the lockdown and some changes. Sort of like catching up...

You're gonna love California

My father told me to go out and make some friends. I stood on a small front lawn of the little...

About those ego travellers

There are times when I'm off the road that I get bored and want to do something different. Such was the...

Unplanned and unwanted

I awoke early, just before 7am, got up and put the kettle on for a cup of coffee. The heating does...

Those astonishing circumstances

Occasionally you end up in a strange situation. It happens almost naturally and when you're in the middle of it, astonishment...

Sitting and staring

One thing I notice when out and about, particularly in touristy places, are people rushing about from venue to another. The...

King of traffic jams

London is huge. Like very big with an attitude. Every town and city have rush hours, but here we are talking...

Finding things to do when you can't get on the road

We ain't going nowhere. The current situation has put a clamp on just about everything, especially those of us who are...

Water and bloom

Spring has officially arrived and it looks like we are, finally, about to have some good weather. Waterlogged ground, floods and...

Stay home

Normally I am not one to let outside things hold me back from being on the road. Heck, I've been doing...

A winnowing in the offing

Last summer in the Basque Country saw me only visit two towns, one of which was worthwhile. The rest of the...

Don't I wish

It was just an ordinary ride on a local bus. When the temperature is pretending to be the Titantic and sinking...

Sometimes you just need a laugh

With all the seriousness in epidemic mode around the world, there needs to be some kind of relief every now and...

The Kilmer connection

He watched carefully as the patrol moved. The G98 was raised slowly and the sniper picked his target. A soldier slightly...

Cutting it down and fixing it up

In an earlier post I mentioned the new pack I'd bought to use for my Israel trip and other shorter journeys....

About those Expats

I stood in amazement as this white, middle class, Englishman ranted on to me, with various obscene expletives, about how stupid...

The Doors and Portals

We look out a window, often to see what's there. Sometimes imagination comes into play and we wonder what lays beyond...

Just a little shakshuka

We all like our various dishes as the towns and countries roll by. Whether it's some tantalizing dessert or the eyes...

Maybe it's time for a change

Lately a number of situations have arisen which are giving rise to a considerable amount of thought. These have a direct...

Lord of the Rings, a Travelers Guide

The past 50 odd years has seen The Lord of the Rings progress from one volume to three, it has been...

Graffiti to street art

It's all over the place. From miserable scrawls to world class artists. Scribbles on a brick to entire sides of buildings....

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Kaplan Hotel, Jerusalem

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