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A festival and change of plans

I discovered this year in Pamplona that there are Street festivals for many of the streets in the old town. These take place during the summer months at various times. Some are small, others are quite large.

Festival for Calle Jarauta

The festival took place on Saturday, 14th of September. Plaza Santa Anna is just off the street, it's more of a park behind some buildings, and was full of a lot of people enjoying themselves. There were a fair number of events and some free food. I was staying at the Hostel Xarma for a few days prior to my return to London.
Staying there, with the usual pilgrims (making a lot of noise at unearthly hours of the morning) was a rock group who were giving a concert during the Jarauta festival.

A Destiempo Rock
These guys are seriously hard rock (their Facebook site) and were introduced as such by the MC and came on about 45 minutes late following some woman singing. She was sort of okay until she screeched loudly, out of tune and everybody winced, including me.

The people and visitors to the party
Some of the crowd watching the music and events.

All drinks were 1 Euro each regardless of size and strength, the proceeds went to a childrens charity.

Playing on the street itself was a brass band, a group of pipe and drum players plus this procession of drummers.

Besides the music, there were dance events and the morning was mainly dedicated to children and food. A lot of the food was free until lunchtime, then 12€ was charged for this huge BBQ with all the trimmings and then some.
The street was pretty full of people, doing the usual street party thing.

Change of plans

You think it's going to be okay winging it in Europe, then reality drops by and slaps you in the face. My original idea was to be on the road for 9 months, going to various countries and doing my usual thing. That did not work. Now I am back in London reassessing things and will decide well ahead of time, the main routes I want to take and when. Once at a hub, then I can wing it.

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