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Bolivian Festival of the Virgin Urkupina

There are a lot of Bolivians in Pamplona. They bring part of their culture with them. This includes food, along with their friendly sense of community and special way of doing things.

The Bolivian Festival of the Virgin UrkupiƱa, celebrates the apparent visit of the Virgin Mary to a poor shepherdess. According to the legend, the girl was given some stones and by the time she reached home they had turned into silver, thus eliminating the poverty of her family.

In Pamplona, they have a procession celebrating the event which winds it's way from a park beyond the citadel into the old town and back again. It takes place every year during summer.

It was a nice Saturday afternoon and after my landlady (who's Bolivian) told me of the procession, I thought I would grab some photo's of it.

The woman on the right is a friend of my landlady and was around making sure everything fitted okay before the procession.

The shoes on these guys are wooden, with huge spurs on, and must have yielded some sore feet after a few kilometers.

Notice the guy with the big beard.

I reckon by the time everyone returned to the starting point that they were very tired. The music was the same song throughout the entire procession as were the dance movements.

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