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This little town, almost a village, is just outside of Florence. You can get there by one of the city buses easily enough. For me is it was a wildcard visit. I had no idea what would await me and was pleasantly surprised.

During the ride, I sat near a woman from the Philippines. She has been in the area for over 20 years and works as a servant in one of the nice villas in Fiesole. Her employer paid her well and treated her very nicely. We had a good talk and she went off to work as I began exploring the town.

The main Piazza in Fiesole. Off to the left is a monastery. I didn't go that way, but walked up and down the streets in the other part of town.

This is the shadow of a sculpture in the center square.

One thing which may be worth a visit, if you like archeology, are the Roman ruins in Fiesole. You have to pay to get in, which supports the place (fair enough).
Part of the old Roman ruins.

Surrounded by hills and quite exclusive. Had my father retired in Italy, Fiesole is the kind of place, where he would have bought a villa. Average cost of a home is 3 million Euros. It's quiet, nice and the people are friendly. I liked it and should I ever go back to the area, would rent a room for a couple months here as a base to work from.

Steps and inclines are all over the place. Some of the streets are on different levels. Got my exercise here.

This is the local gas station. None of your typical commercial rubbish, just a couple of pumps and a man to run them. Small towns in the Midwest of the USA used to have similar, to fill up your gas tank.

. . . . . . . .

Use a bus
From Piazza San Marco, get the bus number 7. Note that the bus website was out of date and showed a different number bus when I was in Florence. There is a small sort of information kiosk where you can ask (in case they have changed the number again).

I enjoyed my time in Fiesole and was glad I took the effort to reach it.

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Thanks Jeannie, great to hear from you, been a long time. Yeah, I really like Fiesole.
Jeannie Hill
Ted, this is trilling to see and read. Your pictures are stunning. It is simply amazing to think of your and your travels to such beautiful places like Fiesole.
Such a pretty little town. Love finding these out of the way lesser known destinations.
Pretty looking little town, I always love the towers (which you seem to find in every town in Italy)

Frank (bbqboy)