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Finding things to do when you can't get on the road

We ain't going nowhere. The current situation has put a clamp on just about everything, especially those of us who are travel writers. Many of you are locked down in one country or another and are having to take some new steps in regards to money or try to keep from going stir crazy.
Amazon has dropped their affiliate commission down and I wouldn't be surprised if E Bay tries to raise its charges. Google will more than likely come up with something as well.

A lot of travel blogs I've browsed haven't done anything for some months. I keep some posts on hold, just in case things like this happen and had begun a hobby to keep me busy for a while, dropped it after some stuff I bought was so bad it wouldn't work. Also I'm retired and have a meager pension, so not too bad on the score.

Others of you are more than likely seeing what income you can earn from home and hoping it hangs around long enough to see you through.

So what are the possibilities?

If you do any programming or IT stuff, nearly all of that can be done in situ, using your laptop. Here are some links that might help:You may be able to think of something as well.

I was just about to begin looking to see if there was a brand needed out there somewhere when all this lockdown began. Businesses are going down and new ones are afraid to start up due to the restrictions, when they do though, a few cash in hand branding jobs would be handy.

. . . . . . .

Anyone else got some ideas?

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Guess you guys will be heading outta Leon soon...
Jun 13, 2020 at 1830
Clicked on that 1st link Ted. Travel Agent? They better update that post :)
We're still looking for a base in Spain. Thinking we'll travel less, spend more on a nice place with lots of green space and maybe some room for a door.
Jun 11, 2020 at 2157

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