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MacGyver Batch Process

Preparing an image in MacGyver Photo Editor is an ongoing learning process, you keep finding new levels with various settings on. Once my images are ready to finish, I can do a batch process to place my watermark on them. Whether it is one photo or several, running a Batch at the end makes things simpler and is easy to do.
Two images ready to go
Just a couple of photo's from a Basque Folk Dancing Event during the San Fermin Festival. You can use the two images and resave them as PNG's.

This tutorial is not about preparing images, but putting a watermark over ones that you have finished all the editing and are still in PNG format. My normal frame and watermark is a PNG with a transparent background (done in Photoshop and Fireworks). I could not create a watermark in MacGyver.
The Watermark. Not set at 20% for the sake of this tutorial.
Download for use to practice this tutorial.

Create Watermark

Decide what your watermark will be. It could be your name or the name of your blog. How you do this is up to you. There are free Watermark Apps* available in Google Play Store. Find one where you can save the image—as a PNG with a transparent background. I use Photoshop on a PC, if you have a laptop you could do the same (any image editor will do—as long as it saves the PNG correctly) and use the process here to apply the watermark. The image must be the same size as your images and the watermark in the correct position at around 20% opacity.

You could download PhotoFiltre 7 (it's free) to your PC and create your watermark as a PNG file with a transparent background. You will have to Merge all layers before saving. Then put it on your tablet. It's not a bad little program....

Batch Process

Now the Watermark is ready, it can be applied to all your images, using Batch from the home screen.

First let's set this up. Create a new folder and name it Sfbsq. Resave the 2 images from the festival above and name them mgbp01.png and mgbp02.png, inside the Sfbsq folder.

This is how I did it.
  1. Home screen, tap Batch
  2. Batch screen tap + at bottom left
  3. Navigate to the Sfbsq folder and you will see the two images: mcbp01.png and mgbp02.png. Select only those 2 images and tap Done at the top right.
  4. In the new screen the 2 images appear. Tap Task at the bottom right.
  5. In the Task screen, tap Text/Image and you will get this screen. Best when your tablet is in Portrait mode.
    A few things need doing here.

    1. At the top, "Please select the image". Tap Gallery, JUST ONCE. Navigate to Sfbsq folder and select the watermark image only.
      Don't worry about how the path looks when done, MacGyver does things its own way.

    2. Set the size to 512 x 384.
    3. Margins must be 0. Opacity all the way to the right.
    4. Now go to Output Directory. Tap the bar and navigate to Sfbsq. At the bottom of the screen, tap: SELECT "Sfbsq". You will be returned to the Task Screen.
    5. At Format, select JPEG.
    6. Then set Quality to 80.
  6. Now you are ready to begin the Batch Process.
    • Tap OK at the bottom of the Task Screen.
    • Tap Start.
      The final screen.
      When thermometer bar stops it's done.

    • When finished, tap OK.
  7. Close MacGyver.
  8. On your tablet go to the Sfbsq folder and you will see 2 new files. mcbp01.jpg and mgbp02.jpg. Tap and view in Gallery. You'll see the watermark at the bottom right of the image.
  9. That's it
There is a whole bunch more inside the Batch function (like Presets etc.), but I don't use them. All I need is my watermark on the images for my blog post.

The finished product

* Google Play Store has App's which can create watermarks and batch process them onto your images, but I haven't seen much good said about any of them, so have avoided the things. MacGyver's Batch does an excellent job and it's better to have your image processing all in one App—than risk the possibility of wrecking your photo's.

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