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Owl and Clock

Finding something unique in this town involved a bit of a hunt. Upon arrival, I sat outside a small bistro, had a cup of coffee, logged on to the place's network so I could get online and checked my email. Looking around, I noticed that it was pretty much of a muchness. There are nice houses, a nice sort of "square" with shops, nice restaurants and a few galleries spotted around it.

Everything was, well, nice. My first impression was - this town is so nice, it almost hurts. The people I met were very friendly and helpful. I had a few conversations whilst there. In the square (rectangle really), was a small shop where I grabbed a candy bar and munched it slowly, wandering from street to street. Everything was similar to most towns of it's size. Had I been on the opposite side of the street, I would never have noticed the owl.
At first glance the owl looks real, silhouetted against the sky.

Initially I thought it was real (at this time of day!), then as I looked closer, it didn't move. Here was something that probably the only town on earth has. A small stone owl, perched on the roof of the Red Lion Hotel. I don't think I could get more unique than that.
There are clocks and clocks. This one is similar to many found around the world. It's just a clock. The timepiece sits on the face of a strange old building, but other than that I don't have much to say about it. Except that under it, is one of those places you will find anywhere and if you want to know about the area, that's where you go.

Another feature of the location is not the place itself, but what is near it. First off, there are three towns in the world with this name. Two of them are just one town actually and straddle a State line. Not far from them is where people go to break land speed records. If you want to get in the Guiness book, then you are in the right place. However, it is not the one I visited.

Running through the Clock and Owl town is a trail. It is a very ancient way (circa 5000 years), 87 miles long and follows the ridge of mainly, wooded, hills. In this town, it takes a right hand, ninety degree turn. People come from far flung cities to walk this route. If you are really fit, I mean in outstanding, physical condition and can walk a serious pace, you might (maybe, in really nice weather, in summer and full of energy) be able to do the entire thing in three days. Normally, it will take you the best part of a week of footwork. There are a number of places to stay along it, this town is one of them. Other trails, local to the town itself, are also available.

There is a gallery worth visiting here. Now galleries come and go, so that's not a whole lot to mention - and I usually don't. This one, however, is about military aviation and has pictures, paintings and drawings of various aircraft, plus some WWII stuff. It's a place for veterans and buffs.

You will not go hungry during your visit as there are plenty of eateries to grab a meal. Even though there are a few tourists, don't expect a Starbucks or Burger King - you won't find one here.

The name of the town is Wendover.

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