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Periwinkles and butterflies

The thought of doing a Spring post the days just before the season hit seemed like a good idea, then the weather changed and I had to wait. A lot depends on location for this because there are regions where all kinds of flowers have already bloomed. The south of London has its various parks and commons, I have a nature reserve a few stops down the line and often go there, so did. It was a month later, the full season has not quite arrived yet

Near a bank in town, there is an oak tree. In the middle of March, baby leaves began to appear. There is a saying here: if the Oak is out before the Ash we're only in for a splash, if the Ash is out before the Oak we're in for a soak. If that is true then we just might have a good summer (though I hope to be on the road then).
It's the beginning of Passover and Easter weekend with green beginning to appear on some of the trees and a few weeds like nettles are in the process of setting up their stinging days.
The Periwinkles

A number of butterflies have metamorphosed and are doing their fluttery thing. Getting them to stay still is near on impossible, but this one did long enough for me to grab a shot of it. No idea what it's called—just a butterfly to me.

. . . . . . .

I wonder what next year's Spring will hand to us?

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