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Povoa de Varzim

Way out, at the end of the Porto Metro is the coastal town of Povoa de Varzim. Best on a hot summer's day, it boasts a few things which may be worth your while.

The metro station at Povoa de Varzim

My visit there took place on a hazy day in mid May. The Metro ride from Porto's Trindade Station takes about an hour or a bit faster if the express is used. It is well worth buying the 24 hour ticket for this.

Enroute the sunny sky started to turn cloudy and the closer I got, the darker it became. I stuck with it, hoping that, perchance, the weather would not become wet and miserable. After all, this is long journey. The sky cleared a little and turned out to be fairly nice.

A lot of squares in Porto have bandstands. Rarely used now, they reflect the glory of days gone by when local bands would play on them.

An old coastal fortress stands nearby the port area of Povoa de Varzim. I had not seen one of these before.

A small fishing fleet is present here. There are fishing boats of various sizes moored around the port.

They have a Casino.

Most of you will, no doubt, head to the beach during the summer. It stretches for quite a way. I had to walk a short distance across the sand, to take this photo. I'm used to places like: Huntingdon, Malibu and other Southern California beaches, where the sand is fine. Here is a different story. Each step I took across the beach, saw an increasing invasion of my shoes, by the large grains of sand—they just kept coming. It's very, coarse sand.

The trip to Povoa de Varzim was during the afternoon and I reckon it's okay. I got to meet a couple of people and had a short, but good conversation with one guy as I headed to the beach from the port area.

I was going to do another article about Porto, but have decided, after the buying a train ticket hassle, to change it.

Porto is good to visit the tourist attractions that "they want you to visit" and wine. Lisbon and the Algarve are much easier to buy train tickets out of for other Portuguese towns. I doubt, seriously, I will ever return.

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