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Some time back I deleted posts that were not visited to save some server space. Each year I had gone out and photographed Spring, those went. It was the middle of March as I went out for a walk in the local nature reserve and the beginning of the season was evident. This year is quite different because it will be the second time when Spring occurs during lockdown.
The start of the Spriing season. An overcast sky, wet mud on the ground and nothing has begun to grow much yet.

Bit by bit, leaves are beginning to emerge.

Ground flowers havng a field day.

The old and the new

The nature park offers several miles worth of trails with a variety of flora and fauna, not to mention a lake full of feathered wild life. Walking around it, over the years, I notice some things do not change.
This is part of a fallen tree and has been here for decades, each year it seems to become lighter in appearance.

Since the lockdown began over a year ago, one aspect is that people who never knew about it before have been stomping around it, the footways have widened as a result. Springtime is always a reflection of newness and this year there are more than flowers emerging.
Last year this was not there. Now, with the help of a lot of water, mud and new people it's a fully blown trail.

The season has only really just begun, there's more to come over the next couple of months.

. . . . . . .

I'll just enjoy the rest of Spring rather than photograph and write it all up.

Dec 01, 2011

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