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The last page is missing

Imagine reading a book which page by page yields good stuff, then you come to the end and that page is not there, so you don't know how it finishes. Since 2013 I have been going to the Basque Country and staying in the city of Pamplona.

Friends have been made there and it is a very good hub to be based at in order to visit other towns. I had planned to go there on the 10th of October, but the people who were supposed to issue my vaccination certificate messed up, or it got stolen, and I missed that date. Finally a new one was issued but everything fell apart, yet again, on the English side. As a result, I have had to cancel the trip—which was for a special reason.
The plan was to spend some time with those I know, to say a fond farewell. It was to be my last trip to the city, with maybe a few excursions outside it.

After the last page of a book its cover is closed and put on a shelf, so it is now with Pamplona.

. . . . . . .

Of course it could be taken off again in the future.

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